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Achieve Your Goals

Lusapho Professional Services provide the best possible talent for your full-time hiring needs without leaving your pockets empty. We partner with you and provide flexible costing models to suit your budget.

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Expert Guidance

You need to fill a role, but before that, you need the peace of mind  that the proposed candidate is the right fit. No problem at all, we provide temp-to-hire resources who can work for you on a short-term contract. If everything goes well, they can be hired as a full-time resource. This option gives our Clients and Candidates the peace of mind knowing that they are not committing until they feel comfortable.

Construction Sites


Achieve Your Goals

This flexible model allows you to remain flexible and adapt headcount to current and workforce to workloads, keep up with unpredictable demand, fill interim vacancies, remove redundancy commitments, and reduce administration costs associated with staff employment.

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Focus on Your Business

We provide payroll solutions that take care of all the hassles like payroll, taxes, time tracking, and workers compensation insurance. We understand that people are the companies most valuable assets. We ensure that your payroll is managed accurately and effectively and in line with legislation. This also allows our Clients to focus on other aspects of the business. We manage the constant changes in legislation, regulatory requirements and tax that are onerous to manage. Our clients benefit from cutting-edge software, reduced risk, no cost for license fees, and confidentiality.

Construction Site Managers


Expert Guidance

Looking to develop your business but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next project? Let us guide you. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.

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